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Hi. Hello. How are ya? Brand Change you ask? Why yes…I’ve evolved. Welcome to the Attic. A place where old things collect and are stored for safe keeping. A place of mystery and wonderment. A place all my own. I have been thinking of “re-branding” for sometime now and knew what I wanted “my brand” to be. Why didn’t I choose my name you ask? I am not a brand, I want the Attic to become a lifestyle. I want to bring forward the old forgotten things like writing a letter, shooting film, developing in a darkroom and the list goes on. I like lists if you didn’t know. I don’t want my name to be a movement, mostly because it’s mine and doesn’t belong to anyone else. I want the lifestyle of not forgetting our past to become a movement. I still like the strange and the wonderful.

Welcome to the Attic.

Some things I thoroughly enjoy:

The light at 5:32pm on October 3rd
Temperance (my dog and love of my life)
Sparkling water
Shooting, developing, and processing film

The list could go on and who knows perhaps I will add and take away as the months go by. What you should know and what will never change is I am a woman looking for the strange and wonderful. I am an artist and human being trying to make my mark on this world. Be kind. Enjoy.  


If you have any questions or just want to chat about art feel free to shoot me an email. I would love feedback on the site and how to make it better as well. You can also use this tool if you would like to collaborate or have an idea and would like me to make it a reality. 

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