Getting Negative, the Unfiltered Life

35 mm negative to be exact. Hello again…it’s been a while. Life. Am I right? Moving forward.

Before I get into the graininess of my love/hate with 35mm photography (there’s a pun in there) I want to talk a little about my photo history and snobbiness. In school I only shot 120 and above. What does that mean to my non photo people?? It means large negatives that gives detail that will make one weep. I rarely (that’s being generous) shot with 35mm film. It wasn’t pure. It is grainy. You have too many pictures to shoot for one roll of film, I was use to 12 images a roll versus 24, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Flash forward to now…zoom. Having been out of school with little access to a darkroom and the classroom atmosphere for creating I stepped away from film. I got a digital camera (yuck) and tried to make myself a digital photographer. It didn’t work out to great. I felt detached from what I was taking. There was too much room to take 500 shots and only like one. I got lazy with my skill. I would say things like, “I can always fix it in photoshop.” Now, I still stuck to my roots and did very little editing but it just wasn’t filling my soul. So I stopped. Let’s talk about how depressing that is for a second…something that brings me the most joy (besides Temp) I stopped doing. I gave up. Then I bought a 35mm camera. I put some film in it and put it in my bag and said, “Take pictures when you want, no pressure, you won’t see them unless you get them developed, you’re good.” So I did. I took pictures. Months went by and the other day I finally decided to take it in and get it developed. Well. Tears. I reintroduced myself to 35mm film and saw the rawness I’ve been desiring, the complete lack of control of the image and what I would get. It was liberating. The camera I used wasn’t great. Auto focus is the enemy. With that being said these images brightened my soul. They awoke the sleeping beast that is my photographer soul. The dream is still alive which gives me hope. No they aren’t crisp perfect images but they are powerful and real. Please enjoy them. I do. Don’t forget who you are and what brings you purpose.

A Desert Dwellers Guide

Having lived in the desert for most of my 29 years I know a thing or two about surviving a summer in Tucson because let's face have to know how if you don't want to go mad. I was daydreaming about what would make the perfect desert summer day possible...and I came up with this: 

Summer Essentials


These items are far from necessary but they make me swoon and, I believe, would make me feel so cute I wouldn't care about the 107 degree temp. 

A Desert Dwellers Items for Surviving a Tucson Summer Day:

  1. The Lincoln Dress - Christy Dawn (psst there is a nice $30 dollars off). This brand is perfection from  sustainability to comfort and lifestyle. Such a dream! 
  2. Turquoise Jewelry - I have some vintage stuff (thanks Mom) but here are some places I often drool over - Chad Barela , Child of Wild , Imogene + Willie 
  3. Soothing Face Mist - Glossier (20% off your first purchase) a necessity to stay hydrated in the desert heat! 
  4. The Alma - Tio y Tia a fan is incredibly old school but you won't regret it. Especially this one!
  5. Balm Dotcom - Glossier your lips will love you.
  6. A good journal to doodle, write, dream, sweat on...etc. 
  7. AIKO basic Slides - St. Agni one day I will own these!!! 
  8. Wrap Hustler Clutch - Hustle & Hide Co. this little dream holds all the essentials!
  9. Pizza. Obviously.
  10. Apricot La Croix. I mean. Come on. 
  11. Mini Macta - Vere Verto they just released a canvas version!! 
  12. Pueblo Vida Beer. My favorite spot in Tucson besides my home. 
  13. Everyday Sheer Coverage 20spf - True Botanicals more on this brand a little later. I'm in love. 
  14. The Paloma - Tio y Tia another one I WILL own one day. 

So there you have it folks... my wishlist of items to survive a day in the desert heat and look adorable! Some of these items I do have some I drool over daily. All the brands are really great so check them out and let me know what is in your summer essentials survival guide!

Wear Sunscreen 


Desert Dweller


Bag(gu) Lady

Whoa! It's been a obviously the first post back should be something deep and profound right?? I'm going to say a big WRONG! Get ready, buckle your seat belts, this is going to be all guessed it...bags.

I love bags. Always have. Unfortunately for my bank account I always will. Thankfully with age and the way of the world talking minimalism and buying things that will last it has gotten me to a place where I have quality pieces I love. Yes they cost some money. Yes I watched them like a hawk for that steal so I could actually make the purchase and still eat for the week. Ok maybe one or two times I bit the bullet...but for most I did save and wait for those sweet yearly deals, thanks VereVerto you made the backpack of my dreams come true and finally realizing more is not better, quality is. Let the introductions begin!

Baggu...I'm Baggu for you!


A brand I truly stand behind in both quality and what they stand for.  Made in the USA Baggu started by creating their nylon shopping bag to carry with you always to help with all your shopping needs. I have a few of those bad in fact with President Obama's photo on it (I miss you.) But what really hooked me was their leather...I mean look at it. The clutches were the start for me. I couldn't afford the Leather Baggu at first but the clutches were a reasonable price that obviously made me go bananas or baggunas...I'm here all week. I have the Large Stash Pouch and the Medium Stash Pouch and I love them both. Then I said to myself, "Alright Colleen it's time to save up some money and get that Leather Baggu you've been wanting!" So I found it on Need Supply and they were offering a percentage off so I did it and I love it too this day. The brown leather is so luxurious and the design in glorious and simple. Well done Baggu...well done. 

To this day I look to this brand for inspiration and obviously new colors. 

Champagne wishes and Baggu dreams. 

J. Paige Co.

This woman is all talent. Making every piece she sells and the quality and design are to die for. 

Her skills are awe-inspiring and dreamy. 

My first purchase was the backpack (image two) because I loved the idea of the fold down with industrial clips.  The Margeaux Tote was next and thankfully for that one I got it when she was having a huge sale, otherwise I would still be drooling over it I I know I still would be. That bag has been my go to. It's been a gym bag, travel companion, work expert, and market hero. I love it. So much. It hurts to look at it sometimes. The most recent purchase was the first image and it has been my go to when wanting something on the smaller side to throw across my body and go. 

Check her seriously...she's amazing and super wonderful! 

Her leather is perfect. Her designs are unique. Her product is drool worthy. 

Last but certainly not least...VereVerto

To quote them directly, "DESIGN THAT TAKES YOU ANYWHERE. Clean, utilitarian, and simple—every bag is meant to complement your sartorial needs all day long. Your bag will take you from a client meeting to a casual lunch to drinks after work."

Boy do they mean it. I had been lusting after anything this brand created when I saw it in the window at one of my favorite boutiques, Avenue Boutique, and knew that one day I would own some VereVerto if I had to sell my blood to get it. Yes that's dramatic but if you aren't getting the overall feel of this post...I LOVE BAGS. 

I had saved up enough money and was in the market for a new wallet and knew this was it. This was my time. There was a deep forest green wallet that could also be worn as a belt and I needed it. 

After that purchase I figured that was it because VereVerto is really out of my price range...on a good day. And then a miracle happened...let me paint you the picture.

It was cool crisp morning around Christmas bed was more appealing than going for a run and my laptop was purring on my lap. I decided to just look on the VereVerto site to see what was there and then a Christmas miracle happened...the bag...the Mini Macta Backpack was ON a big HUGE!!! I almost spat my coffee everywhere...and that's the love story. It was fate....I mean look at her...she's a beaut. 

Are these the only brands I have you ask? Ceci would appreciate it I'm sure if that was the case but no these are not the only ones. Some honorable mentions go to Madewell and their Transporter Tote and Atlas Supply Co. for their backpack (to be fair I haven't had the chance to use the backpack I come Portland.)

If you are not a bag person boy am I sorry but thank you for making it all the way to the end...and if you are a bag person again I am sorry because you will want to buy these bags. 

Hi Mom. 

Be kind!


Year of Thirty

This is the "Year of Thirty" or for others 2018.

This year, 2018, is the year I turn 30! Holy Smokes! Where has all the time gone?? Like really, I am asking for a friend. 

Being that this is a pretty big step in my life and I am not even close to what I imagined I would be when I was ten thinking about 30 I decided to create a list of 30 things I would like to accomplish along with documenting everyday of 2018. So let's do the math...or just talk this out I just wanted to say that because the Martian is on (if you haven't read or watched the Martian get on it) so here we go!

Let's start with the thirty things I will have done by 2019:

  • Travel 3 times (big trips not like to Phoenix) 
  • Hike some of the PCT. I had it in my brain I wanted to do the whole thing but I really don't...some will be just right! The prettier parts where I won't get frostbite or eaten by a mountain lion. 
  • Increase overall strength. Isn't this on everyones list?? 
  • Create something new...woodworking or metal working (uh hem Adam) or leather working
  • Make a cohesive body of's time
  • Document something everyday and post to "Year of Thirty" y'all are in for a real treat...the interworking of my mind through doodles, photographs, writings, and much more. (Well maybe not much more because I think that's all I can do with an online medium...we will see)
  • Self Portrait once a month...yikes
  • Write something interesting, at least to me, once a day
  • Read at the very least 30 books
  • Minimal-ify...everything
  • Be in nature once a week
  • Drink more water...duh
  • really because quesadillas don't count. Cook through 1 cookbook!
  • Make time for's not a chore you actually love it
  • Get your arse back in the darkroom...Insert "Jesus Christ" kid with the dishwasher
  • Pick up and play an instrument you already own
  • Breathe. Slow Down
  • Take vitamins for goodness sake
  • #liveveryday
  • Do something you've never done
  • Run a half marathon (Ireland I'm coming for you)
  • Make a have the space ya nut
  • Interview someone that inspires you
  • Get another tattoo 
  • Welcome 30 with open arms
  • Be Kind
  • Put your gersh durn laundry away
  • Save money
  • See a Francesca Woodman photography and Rothko painting in person! 
  • Just BE.

What a list...good thing I have a year to do it!!!

Next...the "Year of Thirty" will be a daily post of whatever inspires me or what I want to share...some days it maybe be two words, other days it maybe be a body of work! Who knows really! It's going to be challenging for sure but I will have something really beautiful to look at on January 1, 2019. Why am I doing this you ask??? I have realized time has started to blur, my memory is horrific, and I don't document nearly enough. We ingest so much as a culture I have found I can't keep it all but still want to look back and be able to recall at least a feeling or some resemblance of time passing. So there you's gonna be an adventure.

Happy New Year!!!  

Self Portrait in a World filled with Selfies

In a World...has anyone seen the movie by Lake Bell??? Every time I say "In a world" I say it as if I was her in that very movie and you would be surprised at how many time I say it. Lake Bell wrote it, directed it, and stared in it...I highly recommend...I digress. 

In a world were selfies exist it has become hard for me to imagine taking a self portrait. Even now I am baffled by the fact that the very word "selfies" doesn't have a squiggly read line underneath it...anyway, stay on track Colleen, I have been following a wonderful photographer, Jamie Beck, and she has been creating the most glorious of self portraits I've seen in a long time. I have never been one to take a self portrait. I loath being in front of the camera and further more it is hard for me to keep a straight face but today I thought, "Today is the day for a self portrait!" I was incredibly wrong.

If I haven't mentioned it I prefer film photography, it's what I specialized in and never really touched digital in my years at school. To this day I shy from digital photography but today I wanted to give it a go only to find out I have none of the equipment you need in order to take a self portrait and furthermore I really didn't want to be in front of the camera. 

Discouraged, and well, pissed off I roamed back inside my quiet house and decided to distract myself with going through negatives. POOF! I found my inspiration. Finding all of these negatives of me as a child put everything in perspective for me. My fashion sense, my posing skills, my overall presence in front of the camera was all in this wonderful negatives. 

In these images I found my self portrait. I found why I love pattern mixing and especially polka dots and stripes. I found the color red (my favorite color). I found my love for hats. I found "the face" I make when I am placed in front of a camera and asked to smile. I found the glorious weirdo. This is my self portrait. My beginnings that shaped who I am.

That is still the face I make when I am told to smile. Ask Bobbie...she will tell you. 

I still blend patterns, I still love navy and red, and I still look like a goof. 

The hat is everything with the overalls, the purple, and the box of cereal. Snacker! 

To this very day I love hats. If it can go on my head it will, walking through stores hats are usually the first things put on, if it has the shape of my head it goes on top. 

Forever a glorious weirdo and apparently I need to get bangs again. 



Things that make my run easy-ish

Running is hard enough…scratch that…getting out of bed to go for a run is hard enough. So why not make it as enjoyable as possible.

Running and I have had a long love/hate relationship. It all began when I  was eighteen and needed something to do to keep the freshman 15 away as well as allow me to really eat whatever I wanted and still fit in my jeans.  From there is became therapy, it became a way for me to work through things that were challenging me and really have some peace and me time, which being an introvert is incredibly necessary. 

Running Essentials

The essentials for a more enjoyable run are...drum roll please:

  1. Music (the most important)
  2. My favorite running shoes
  3. My Apple Watch
  4. Glossier balm dotcom 
  5. Bandana or long sleeve (sweat and you know snot)
  6. My favorite running clothes 
  7. Water

1. Music is the most important which is why I created a little playlist to showcase some favorite songs that keep me going. 

2. Obviously shoes are important and finding your perfect shoe is one of those things you don't really want to do but you need to. Highly recommend going to a local running shop to talk about your feet and running style to find the perfect shoe. 

3. My Apple Watch... is a luxury item. Obviously you don't need a watch but it keeps my runs fun for me because it tracks my speed, heart rate, distance, and my progress. I also have it set to remind to me run and move like when I am watching Stranger Things and I could be there's that. 

4. Oh my balm dotcom how you have improved my life. My lips are incredibly dry and because most of my runs are outside I  need to as much help as I can get for my lips. I put this bad boy on before my run and after and as an added bonus after my run I also put some on my cuticles because my hands feel that dry desert weather. 

5. When I run I sweat a lot...I mean A LOT!!! I also almost always have a running little nose and there is nothing more annoying then sweat in the eye and a drippy nose. I always try to have a bandana handy or wear a long sleeve to really help with both things...or is it just me.

6. Clothes are important and running in your favorites that make you feel good with always make the run easier. Working for lululemon has granted me the ability to have some really wonderful running clothes. Some favorites include All the Right Places Crop/Pant, Fast and Free Tight, and Speed shorts. 

7. Water...enough said.


Run happy. It keeps me sane which is always important. 




Glossier. Enough said.

I'M A REP FOR GLOSSIER!!!!!!!!!!! 

Holy smokes you guys! A dream come true because I don't know if you know this but I love Glossier! Being a rep allows me to share with everyone some of my favorites as well as give 20% off...20% off!!!!!!!!!!

This photo below showcases almost all (my shower oil is living in the shower and my other balm dotcoms are scattered about living their best lives) the products I have purchased and love dearly.


Glossier was created by a real Boss Babe, Emily Weiss, with whom I  would love to catch a french movie and cocktails with (real Carrie Bradshaw New York style) and just be one of her friends. She created Into the Gloss which is truly a site I  frequently read and venture to in 2010 and then Glossier in 2014. 

I  don't remember when my obsession began but it was near the beginning because I could only get the phase 1 set which comes with the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming moisturizer, and the balm dotcom. I remember getting the package and being incredibly overwhelmed with excitement, mostly because I had spent my last couple dollars until payday on this and because it was all PINK!!!

The color now has an actual name, millennial pink, and it was the perfect pink. In the box it said, you look great, there was a glorious bubble pink zip pouch and STICKERS!! I  hadn't even gotten to the products and I was already in love. 

Then I used the products and I was hooked. Now years later and I  am still obsessed and if they paycheck allows I buy whatever they release when it's released and now that I have my absolute favorites they will always be repurchased. 

Balm Dotcom

You know that feeling when you can't find some lip balm and your lips are just dry as the desert and you panic look through all your bags and then you find that one and it's as if you have just found the holy grail. That's how I  am about my balm doctors. If one can't be found panic sets in so I   order another. Now there are some in almost every room of my house, every purse, and most importantly three live on my night just never know ok!

My favorites in the balm dotcom go in this order:

  1. Original Balm dotcom
  2. Birthday Balm 
  3. Rose Balm (not pictured)
  4. Coconut Balm (also not pictured..couldn't find it...panic)
  5. Mint Balm
  6. Cherry Balm

Check out my rep page and explore Glossier! This brand is all about loving yourself and having fun with products that are perfection. Enjoy! 

Let me know what you think and if anyone would be interested in a video exploring my Glossier collection with me! 

Peace. Love. Bubble Zip Pouches. 

My Rep Page

My Beauty Champions

   I love beauty.

I can't remember when my beauty obsession started but I know it's been a long and loving relationship. First let's start with my skin: Combination with a dash on the drier side, acne (I've never like the term acne prone because I've got it almost always), light to medium completion with the occasional freckles.  I have always had acne and every doctor I've gone to has gone immediately to Accutane now before you all freak out and get opinionated on the subject I decided it wasn't that right route for me, it just didn't feel right for me so I looked to skin care. I have since become quite obsessed with all things skin care and have found my heroes that work for me. I still have acne and at almost 29 years old it doesn't bother me anymore. Yes I would love for it to go away and yes I really loath with I get advice from random people about their miracle acne treatments, "Have you heard of rubbing avocado and honey on your face to get rid of acne?" but it is apart of me for now and I don't hate myself for it. I have finally found a routine that seems to be helping so stay tuned for the new additions. Now that I've rambled on let's get to my Beauty Champions. These products are things I've repurchased and have found they not only feel great but improve my skin.

Did I mention about two months ago I went down the rabbit hole on Cruelty Free products and came out the other side throwing out every brand I had that wasn't cruelty free? It was and is a costly venture but my soul feels better for it and because most products I use now are natural I believe it has also improved my skin. Thankfully most of my champions were cruelty free to begin with...phew! I will have all the products linked so you can find them easily and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Ok enough rambling lets get to it:

Cleansers also known as miracle workers:

FinalBeautyFav (1 of 9).jpg

Tatcha Pure  and Mun Akwi Cleanser 

These two are the absolute ultimate (said like Gidget) 

I have purchased the Tatcha cleanser three times now, that's how much I love it, it's a smooth oil cleanser that cleans my skin but doesn't leave it dry and gets my eye makeup off! I purchased the Mun Akwi Cleanser because the reviews said it helped clear up acne, so obviously I had to give it a go. At first I wasn't a fan because I didn't feel like it was removing makeup or really doing anything so I decided to do the white towel test, I watched Emily Weiss do that in a video, and there was nothing on the towel. It worked and my skin started to improve drastically. Both have worked for me splendidly and I like using them both...I don't have a favorite, I would take both.

Serums or Heroes if you prefer: 

FinalBeautyFav (3 of 9).jpg

Vintner's Daughter and Mint Rosa Hydration 

When two become one...I need these two like I've never needed them before. (Spice Girls)

I get excited to go to sleep because of these two right here. My skin has never...let me repeat NEVER...felt so hydrated. I was playing around with all my serums trying to find the perfect ones and magic happened. I loved the Rosa serum, it's a real gem everyone needs one, and I had saved and saved for the Vintner's Daughter but was seeing no real results until I mixed them together. I truly see a difference in my skin and I owe it all to these two dream boats. My skin is hydrated and my acne has calmed, is that the right world, anyway it's a drastic improvement. Well done you two! 

The Golden Ticket to Hair Care

FinalBeautyFav (2 of 9).jpg


I don't know where to start. I've got curly thick hair that can be on the Hermoine book 1-3 side which I don't really mind but before  I started using this oil, about 2 years ago, my hair didn't look or feel very healthy and now I love it. Infused with honey this golden syrup has changed my hair and I just found out you can order it from Urban Outfitters which is the dream. The package it comes in is something special is it's creator, Negin Mirsalehi, not only raises bees (my dream job) but is also gorgeous and one of the ultimate boss babes. This is bottle number lasts a long time and is worth every penny. I refuse to go without it...ever. Ahh huhh Honey. 

Not without the Covers

Ilia Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer , Glossier Stretch Concealer  , RMS "Un" Cover-Up

Depending on what I need for the day I could use only one of these or all three. The Ilia Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer, I wear Hanalei T3, is the perfect base. It has SPF 20 (I live in the desert so SPF is also necessary) and is light coverage but it does a great job at evening everything out. The ingredients have also improved my skins texture and overall appearance. Some days I only need this and that is a first for me. The RMS "Un" cover-up is great for spot concealing and I have also worn it all over when I needed more coverage. I wear color 22 and it really is something special. Last but not least my glorious Glossier Stretch Concealer...need I say more it's from Glossier. Smooth and generous with its coverage makes it the perfect under eye concealer. I use both light and medium and really can't get enough. 

The Multi-taskers

Bite Beauty Multistick  , Milk Makeup Hightlighter 

So you know how women are really great multitaskers...yeah that's what these are. The Bite multi stick is in Papaya and the milk highlighter is in Lit. I use these two almost everyday. Lips, eyes, cheeks...oh my. The textures on both are perfect and the blendability is breathtaking. I will usually swish Lit across my cheek bones, down my nose, and on my cupids bow and hit my eyes and center of my nose with Papaya and I am ready for the day! If you are looking for natural've found them.

Let's get Cheeky

Glossier Cloud Paint

First things first if you don't know what Glossier is click that little link immediately, you can always come back to my site and thank me later. 

Cloud paint is the ultimate creative beauty product. Mix and match, blend and sculpt, and the colors are wonderful on their own. I currently only have two (insert gasp) but there are four different colors, I have Beam and Haze, and when I mix those two together I get the perfect shade. For real. The consistency is wonderful and you don't need a lot so they last a super long time and for their price I'd say it's a win!!!! Look how cute they are as well. 

The Balm Dot Com and Lip Saviors

FinalBeautyFav (5 of 9).jpg

Glossier Balm Dotcom , Bite Beauty Agave Sugar Lip Scrub , By Terry - Baume De Rose Lip And Nail Balm

I am a balm girl. I have at least one balm in every bag and scattered throughout the house. I love balms. I'm not going to say the Glossier Balm Dotcom in a life changer, I am, but I have it in every flavor and it lives on my desk, by my bed, and in the bags I carry most. I just love it. Can't live without it. I recently discovered the By Terry lip balm after I binge watched The Anna Edit on youtube and can't get enough of the balm. It has graced my lips every night along with my balm dotcom. The Bite Beauty scrub is a weekly treat to my lips. I usually forget but then when I do a scrub I curse myself for not making this a priority and so the cycle continues. All I highly recommend. 

Girls got Brow

Glossier Boy BrowMilk Makeup Gel Brow

My brows are a bit unruly and thankfully that's in right now. These two help tame and control the little furry creatures that live above my eyes. Glossier I right!!!

It just makes Scents

La Curie Perfume Oil No. 1

Years...I've been in relationship with this perfume for years and I can't get enough. La Curie is local to Tucson and a scent genius. She stopped selling No. 1 and you can only find it now through Kindred Black, I've stocked up, but her other scents are simply amazing. She captures the desert so well it's astounding. How to describe No. 1...leather and jasmine and a desert rain. She has created a new scent due to release soon and I couldn't be more excited to try it out but I will forever love No. 1 and as long as Kindred Black sells it I will buy it. 

If you've made it to the end I applaud you...hi Elyse...Hi Mom.

I have a passion for beauty and the products created by these crazy talented people and just wanted to tell the world what I loved. Obviously this isn't sponsored, maybe one day, but all the products are linked if you wanted to take my opinions and test them out for yourself. Thank you for reading through my beauty ramblings and I hope you enjoyed it. I also photographed all the images and will leave you with a short video around the process of shooting from my in home bench studio. Love and Peace. 

Dawn of a New Age

Everything has a story be it one that is created for it or told by it, everything has one. I recently purchased a Christy Dawn dress and had no idea of the emotional response I would have. I found Christy Dawn through the STREICHER SISTERS almost 6 months ago and have been in love ever since. The imagery she creates on her Instagram feed is phenomenal and only she can say it best so make sure to check out her site and read "A Note from Christy" you won't be disappointed. 

I wanted to share my story that I have created about my dress. I purchased the "Dawn Dress" and am completely in love. 

Let us begin...

A soft breeze and the sounds of birds singing and wind rustling the leaves comes through the slightly opened window. A soft sunbeam on the comforter. Early morning coffee in my dress, barefoot, while I make pancakes. Is it a Sunday or a Wednesday? I don't know and it doesn't bother me anyway because it's a new day. Maybe some writing or reading with music playing in the background filling the house. I grab my 35mm camera, hat, slides, and Temp to head out for a walk and take some photos to later develop and print. Mid day heat keeps me on my porch while I watch the world go by and daydream for a bit. Wander through my house with my hard wood floors, filled with books, and breathe deep. Evening breeze cools the house while I prepare for a small dinner party filled with laughter, wine, and cheese. After everyone leaves I hang my dress and hat, and settle in my big leather chair and a good book until my eyelids are heavy and ready to sleep. Then repeat. 

This story came from one dress...can you believe my imagination. One day I will have this but until then I have the dress that started it all. 

Christy Dawn

Thank you for reading and thank you Christy for your creations. 

I would love to hear your stories and if you would like a dress click on "The Dress" to get $30's worth it believe me. Comment below with your perfect day!

Houseplant Theory

I am a houseplant. What does these mean you wonder? Why a houseplant? How did this come about?

I was sitting alone one afternoon thinking about why I don't mind sitting alone and my mind began to wander. I glanced over and looked at my lush green houseplant that I sometimes forget to water, mostly lives in the dark, but there it was happy and green and living its life despite it being ignored sometimes. When I bought said houseplant I wanted my room to feel home-ish and green. I wanted something pretty to look at but I also didn't want to take care of something like an orchid which requires way more attention, I mean I have a dog and a cat, I didn't need to add anything else to my plate. So houseplant shopping I went and bought my little beauty. Being almost 29 and single I hear from a lot of people, "Why are you single?" "If you went out you could find someone." etc. etc. Sitting there on that lovely afternoon blissfully alone staring at my houseplant I realized, "I am a houseplant." (Said like Cher when she discovers she loves josh.)

 Let me explain a little further...follow me down this rabbit hole.

Houseplant Theory Explained:

I am a houseplant. I don't require much to thrive. Feed me, water me, hug me, 1 to 3  a month and I am good and happy. I prefer staying indoors but also can thrive outdoors. I'm ok if you leave me alone for sometime but make sure to check in occasionally. I enjoy making places feel like home and actually living in them. I start to show signs of stress when over watered. I can grow as tall as allowed and I enjoy simplicity. 

You get where I am going with this. I am a low maintenance girl that doesn't require much to really thrive in this world. I'm not saying that I require no one, even a cactus requires love, but I am saying I am not an orchid where you glance at it wrong and it dies. 

So there you have it, Houseplant Theory, isn't it exciting and riveting...I know! If you aren't a houseplant get it guurlll (boy/girl) you aren't alone in this Orchid world. But if Houseplant Theory speaks to you know that you are not alone! We are all in our own spaces cheering for you. Tell me which plant you associate with the most or one you love that isn't pictured! 


Your Houseplant Friend.


Barefoot and Baking

Having a blog is a funny thing...having only written one blog post I suppose I can't call myself a blogger but it is still something strange. Are people reading it? Are people even interested in the ramblings of what makes All these questions flow through my mind as I am deciding when I should write and what. A month ago I posted my first post about the creatures I love so I decided today to post about something else I love...baking.

I love to bake. I love to cook. I love to create something from nothing that becomes something delicious be it art for the eyes or art for the stomach. 

Every Thanksgiving I am in charge of the Pecan Pie and every year it gets better. I use my Grandmothers dough recipe and have been manipulating the pie recipe for about 5 years now. I will just let the images do the talking for a bit.  

Left over dough always becomes a sweet treat

Left over dough always becomes a sweet treat

What I know of pies is it's all about the my opinion the entirety of the pies success is in the crust. For once it matters most what's on the outside and less for what's on the inside. 

Barefoot and Baking is a good morning if I say so myself. 

My Main Ts

Let's just start by saying, "Hello, my name is Colleen. This is my site. Welcome." 

I had absolutely no idea what my first blog entry should be. An introduction? I did that...right? Something inspirational or completely ridiculous? I just had no idea. So I did what I usually do when needing some sort of insight I looked to my photos. Looked through my phone and insta, just trying to draw some inspiration and IT WORKED!!! The only thing that makes sense to talk about first is my main Ts. My fur babies. One of the main reasons I make that money and always want to be Temperance (Temp, Goose, Pumpkin, Peach) and Tuani (Tutu). 

Temperance Penelope 

Temperance Penelope 

Tuani Catherine

Tuani Catherine

These two are why I exist. Does that sound crazy??? Sure does. Does that change anything?? Hell no. They are a constant and even though my Temp has separation anxiety and only throws up on my bed and Tuani will occasionally bite me on the calf I still love them more than most humans. Now for their introductions. 


Just being majestic 

Just being majestic 

This wonderful creature is my true love. I mean look at that face!! A Pit bull lab mix, which is by far one of the greatest combinations in the verse, is between 7 and 9 years old. Rescued by a friend and found her forever home with me. A rescued bait dog, I won't get on my soap box just yet, she has the sweetest disposition I have ever encountered. A giant love bug with an appetite for chew toys and belly rubs. Serious pit bull love. I could go on and on about this really I should write a book, Temperance Penelope: The Golden Goose, perfect already have a book title. You could ask any one of my friends what I love most in this world and their answer would be Temp. Any creature I see that has eyes I always say, "Oh it looks like Temp." I miss her when I leave my house be it for 5 minutes or a shift at work. It's a real obsession I have with this little peach and I don't feel bad about it. 


The Queen

The Queen

My Queen. I was 19 years old and had just moved out on my own to see if I could do the whole independence thing, I was at work and a co-worker comes in with a kitten and says, "Do you want a kitten?" How do you say no to that? A kitten the size of your palm just given to you when you've just experienced what living alone feels like, we all know what I am talking about that moment when you get home and want to talk to someone and there is no one, so here she new roommate. Fast forward 9 years and she loves my now human roommate more than me. We still have our moments and I know she loves me, or at least that's what I tell myself, but she is still my girl. My tutu. I have every scar to prove it. What I found out a couple weeks after getting her was she is a barn cat so that being said she has much more spirit than your typical house cat. She does what she wants and won't change for anyone...really she is an inspiration and what I strive to be everyday. 

There you have it...the perfect introduction to me through my loves.