My Beauty Champions

   I love beauty.

I can't remember when my beauty obsession started but I know it's been a long and loving relationship. First let's start with my skin: Combination with a dash on the drier side, acne (I've never like the term acne prone because I've got it almost always), light to medium completion with the occasional freckles.  I have always had acne and every doctor I've gone to has gone immediately to Accutane now before you all freak out and get opinionated on the subject I decided it wasn't that right route for me, it just didn't feel right for me so I looked to skin care. I have since become quite obsessed with all things skin care and have found my heroes that work for me. I still have acne and at almost 29 years old it doesn't bother me anymore. Yes I would love for it to go away and yes I really loath with I get advice from random people about their miracle acne treatments, "Have you heard of rubbing avocado and honey on your face to get rid of acne?" but it is apart of me for now and I don't hate myself for it. I have finally found a routine that seems to be helping so stay tuned for the new additions. Now that I've rambled on let's get to my Beauty Champions. These products are things I've repurchased and have found they not only feel great but improve my skin.

Did I mention about two months ago I went down the rabbit hole on Cruelty Free products and came out the other side throwing out every brand I had that wasn't cruelty free? It was and is a costly venture but my soul feels better for it and because most products I use now are natural I believe it has also improved my skin. Thankfully most of my champions were cruelty free to begin with...phew! I will have all the products linked so you can find them easily and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Ok enough rambling lets get to it:

Cleansers also known as miracle workers:

FinalBeautyFav (1 of 9).jpg

Tatcha Pure  and Mun Akwi Cleanser 

These two are the absolute ultimate (said like Gidget) 

I have purchased the Tatcha cleanser three times now, that's how much I love it, it's a smooth oil cleanser that cleans my skin but doesn't leave it dry and gets my eye makeup off! I purchased the Mun Akwi Cleanser because the reviews said it helped clear up acne, so obviously I had to give it a go. At first I wasn't a fan because I didn't feel like it was removing makeup or really doing anything so I decided to do the white towel test, I watched Emily Weiss do that in a video, and there was nothing on the towel. It worked and my skin started to improve drastically. Both have worked for me splendidly and I like using them both...I don't have a favorite, I would take both.

Serums or Heroes if you prefer: 

FinalBeautyFav (3 of 9).jpg

Vintner's Daughter and Mint Rosa Hydration 

When two become one...I need these two like I've never needed them before. (Spice Girls)

I get excited to go to sleep because of these two right here. My skin has never...let me repeat NEVER...felt so hydrated. I was playing around with all my serums trying to find the perfect ones and magic happened. I loved the Rosa serum, it's a real gem everyone needs one, and I had saved and saved for the Vintner's Daughter but was seeing no real results until I mixed them together. I truly see a difference in my skin and I owe it all to these two dream boats. My skin is hydrated and my acne has calmed, is that the right world, anyway it's a drastic improvement. Well done you two! 

The Golden Ticket to Hair Care

FinalBeautyFav (2 of 9).jpg


I don't know where to start. I've got curly thick hair that can be on the Hermoine book 1-3 side which I don't really mind but before  I started using this oil, about 2 years ago, my hair didn't look or feel very healthy and now I love it. Infused with honey this golden syrup has changed my hair and I just found out you can order it from Urban Outfitters which is the dream. The package it comes in is something special is it's creator, Negin Mirsalehi, not only raises bees (my dream job) but is also gorgeous and one of the ultimate boss babes. This is bottle number lasts a long time and is worth every penny. I refuse to go without it...ever. Ahh huhh Honey. 

Not without the Covers

Ilia Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer , Glossier Stretch Concealer  , RMS "Un" Cover-Up

Depending on what I need for the day I could use only one of these or all three. The Ilia Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer, I wear Hanalei T3, is the perfect base. It has SPF 20 (I live in the desert so SPF is also necessary) and is light coverage but it does a great job at evening everything out. The ingredients have also improved my skins texture and overall appearance. Some days I only need this and that is a first for me. The RMS "Un" cover-up is great for spot concealing and I have also worn it all over when I needed more coverage. I wear color 22 and it really is something special. Last but not least my glorious Glossier Stretch Concealer...need I say more it's from Glossier. Smooth and generous with its coverage makes it the perfect under eye concealer. I use both light and medium and really can't get enough. 

The Multi-taskers

Bite Beauty Multistick  , Milk Makeup Hightlighter 

So you know how women are really great multitaskers...yeah that's what these are. The Bite multi stick is in Papaya and the milk highlighter is in Lit. I use these two almost everyday. Lips, eyes, cheeks...oh my. The textures on both are perfect and the blendability is breathtaking. I will usually swish Lit across my cheek bones, down my nose, and on my cupids bow and hit my eyes and center of my nose with Papaya and I am ready for the day! If you are looking for natural've found them.

Let's get Cheeky

Glossier Cloud Paint

First things first if you don't know what Glossier is click that little link immediately, you can always come back to my site and thank me later. 

Cloud paint is the ultimate creative beauty product. Mix and match, blend and sculpt, and the colors are wonderful on their own. I currently only have two (insert gasp) but there are four different colors, I have Beam and Haze, and when I mix those two together I get the perfect shade. For real. The consistency is wonderful and you don't need a lot so they last a super long time and for their price I'd say it's a win!!!! Look how cute they are as well. 

The Balm Dot Com and Lip Saviors

FinalBeautyFav (5 of 9).jpg

Glossier Balm Dotcom , Bite Beauty Agave Sugar Lip Scrub , By Terry - Baume De Rose Lip And Nail Balm

I am a balm girl. I have at least one balm in every bag and scattered throughout the house. I love balms. I'm not going to say the Glossier Balm Dotcom in a life changer, I am, but I have it in every flavor and it lives on my desk, by my bed, and in the bags I carry most. I just love it. Can't live without it. I recently discovered the By Terry lip balm after I binge watched The Anna Edit on youtube and can't get enough of the balm. It has graced my lips every night along with my balm dotcom. The Bite Beauty scrub is a weekly treat to my lips. I usually forget but then when I do a scrub I curse myself for not making this a priority and so the cycle continues. All I highly recommend. 

Girls got Brow

Glossier Boy BrowMilk Makeup Gel Brow

My brows are a bit unruly and thankfully that's in right now. These two help tame and control the little furry creatures that live above my eyes. Glossier I right!!!

It just makes Scents

La Curie Perfume Oil No. 1

Years...I've been in relationship with this perfume for years and I can't get enough. La Curie is local to Tucson and a scent genius. She stopped selling No. 1 and you can only find it now through Kindred Black, I've stocked up, but her other scents are simply amazing. She captures the desert so well it's astounding. How to describe No. 1...leather and jasmine and a desert rain. She has created a new scent due to release soon and I couldn't be more excited to try it out but I will forever love No. 1 and as long as Kindred Black sells it I will buy it. 

If you've made it to the end I applaud you...hi Elyse...Hi Mom.

I have a passion for beauty and the products created by these crazy talented people and just wanted to tell the world what I loved. Obviously this isn't sponsored, maybe one day, but all the products are linked if you wanted to take my opinions and test them out for yourself. Thank you for reading through my beauty ramblings and I hope you enjoyed it. I also photographed all the images and will leave you with a short video around the process of shooting from my in home bench studio. Love and Peace.