Glossier. Enough said.

I'M A REP FOR GLOSSIER!!!!!!!!!!! 

Holy smokes you guys! A dream come true because I don't know if you know this but I love Glossier! Being a rep allows me to share with everyone some of my favorites as well as give 20% off...20% off!!!!!!!!!!

This photo below showcases almost all (my shower oil is living in the shower and my other balm dotcoms are scattered about living their best lives) the products I have purchased and love dearly.


Glossier was created by a real Boss Babe, Emily Weiss, with whom I  would love to catch a french movie and cocktails with (real Carrie Bradshaw New York style) and just be one of her friends. She created Into the Gloss which is truly a site I  frequently read and venture to in 2010 and then Glossier in 2014. 

I  don't remember when my obsession began but it was near the beginning because I could only get the phase 1 set which comes with the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming moisturizer, and the balm dotcom. I remember getting the package and being incredibly overwhelmed with excitement, mostly because I had spent my last couple dollars until payday on this and because it was all PINK!!!

The color now has an actual name, millennial pink, and it was the perfect pink. In the box it said, you look great, there was a glorious bubble pink zip pouch and STICKERS!! I  hadn't even gotten to the products and I was already in love. 

Then I used the products and I was hooked. Now years later and I  am still obsessed and if they paycheck allows I buy whatever they release when it's released and now that I have my absolute favorites they will always be repurchased. 

Balm Dotcom

You know that feeling when you can't find some lip balm and your lips are just dry as the desert and you panic look through all your bags and then you find that one and it's as if you have just found the holy grail. That's how I  am about my balm doctors. If one can't be found panic sets in so I   order another. Now there are some in almost every room of my house, every purse, and most importantly three live on my night just never know ok!

My favorites in the balm dotcom go in this order:

  1. Original Balm dotcom
  2. Birthday Balm 
  3. Rose Balm (not pictured)
  4. Coconut Balm (also not pictured..couldn't find it...panic)
  5. Mint Balm
  6. Cherry Balm

Check out my rep page and explore Glossier! This brand is all about loving yourself and having fun with products that are perfection. Enjoy! 

Let me know what you think and if anyone would be interested in a video exploring my Glossier collection with me! 

Peace. Love. Bubble Zip Pouches. 

My Rep Page