Things that make my run easy-ish

Running is hard enough…scratch that…getting out of bed to go for a run is hard enough. So why not make it as enjoyable as possible.

Running and I have had a long love/hate relationship. It all began when I  was eighteen and needed something to do to keep the freshman 15 away as well as allow me to really eat whatever I wanted and still fit in my jeans.  From there is became therapy, it became a way for me to work through things that were challenging me and really have some peace and me time, which being an introvert is incredibly necessary. 

Running Essentials

The essentials for a more enjoyable run are...drum roll please:

  1. Music (the most important)
  2. My favorite running shoes
  3. My Apple Watch
  4. Glossier balm dotcom 
  5. Bandana or long sleeve (sweat and you know snot)
  6. My favorite running clothes 
  7. Water

1. Music is the most important which is why I created a little playlist to showcase some favorite songs that keep me going. 

2. Obviously shoes are important and finding your perfect shoe is one of those things you don't really want to do but you need to. Highly recommend going to a local running shop to talk about your feet and running style to find the perfect shoe. 

3. My Apple Watch... is a luxury item. Obviously you don't need a watch but it keeps my runs fun for me because it tracks my speed, heart rate, distance, and my progress. I also have it set to remind to me run and move like when I am watching Stranger Things and I could be there's that. 

4. Oh my balm dotcom how you have improved my life. My lips are incredibly dry and because most of my runs are outside I  need to as much help as I can get for my lips. I put this bad boy on before my run and after and as an added bonus after my run I also put some on my cuticles because my hands feel that dry desert weather. 

5. When I run I sweat a lot...I mean A LOT!!! I also almost always have a running little nose and there is nothing more annoying then sweat in the eye and a drippy nose. I always try to have a bandana handy or wear a long sleeve to really help with both things...or is it just me.

6. Clothes are important and running in your favorites that make you feel good with always make the run easier. Working for lululemon has granted me the ability to have some really wonderful running clothes. Some favorites include All the Right Places Crop/Pant, Fast and Free Tight, and Speed shorts. 

7. Water...enough said.


Run happy. It keeps me sane which is always important.