Self Portrait in a World filled with Selfies

In a World...has anyone seen the movie by Lake Bell??? Every time I say "In a world" I say it as if I was her in that very movie and you would be surprised at how many time I say it. Lake Bell wrote it, directed it, and stared in it...I highly recommend...I digress. 

In a world were selfies exist it has become hard for me to imagine taking a self portrait. Even now I am baffled by the fact that the very word "selfies" doesn't have a squiggly read line underneath it...anyway, stay on track Colleen, I have been following a wonderful photographer, Jamie Beck, and she has been creating the most glorious of self portraits I've seen in a long time. I have never been one to take a self portrait. I loath being in front of the camera and further more it is hard for me to keep a straight face but today I thought, "Today is the day for a self portrait!" I was incredibly wrong.

If I haven't mentioned it I prefer film photography, it's what I specialized in and never really touched digital in my years at school. To this day I shy from digital photography but today I wanted to give it a go only to find out I have none of the equipment you need in order to take a self portrait and furthermore I really didn't want to be in front of the camera. 

Discouraged, and well, pissed off I roamed back inside my quiet house and decided to distract myself with going through negatives. POOF! I found my inspiration. Finding all of these negatives of me as a child put everything in perspective for me. My fashion sense, my posing skills, my overall presence in front of the camera was all in this wonderful negatives. 

In these images I found my self portrait. I found why I love pattern mixing and especially polka dots and stripes. I found the color red (my favorite color). I found my love for hats. I found "the face" I make when I am placed in front of a camera and asked to smile. I found the glorious weirdo. This is my self portrait. My beginnings that shaped who I am.

That is still the face I make when I am told to smile. Ask Bobbie...she will tell you. 

I still blend patterns, I still love navy and red, and I still look like a goof. 

The hat is everything with the overalls, the purple, and the box of cereal. Snacker! 

To this very day I love hats. If it can go on my head it will, walking through stores hats are usually the first things put on, if it has the shape of my head it goes on top. 

Forever a glorious weirdo and apparently I need to get bangs again.