Year of Thirty

This is the "Year of Thirty" or for others 2018.

This year, 2018, is the year I turn 30! Holy Smokes! Where has all the time gone?? Like really, I am asking for a friend. 

Being that this is a pretty big step in my life and I am not even close to what I imagined I would be when I was ten thinking about 30 I decided to create a list of 30 things I would like to accomplish along with documenting everyday of 2018. So let's do the math...or just talk this out I just wanted to say that because the Martian is on (if you haven't read or watched the Martian get on it) so here we go!

Let's start with the thirty things I will have done by 2019:

  • Travel 3 times (big trips not like to Phoenix) 
  • Hike some of the PCT. I had it in my brain I wanted to do the whole thing but I really don't...some will be just right! The prettier parts where I won't get frostbite or eaten by a mountain lion. 
  • Increase overall strength. Isn't this on everyones list?? 
  • Create something new...woodworking or metal working (uh hem Adam) or leather working
  • Make a cohesive body of's time
  • Document something everyday and post to "Year of Thirty" y'all are in for a real treat...the interworking of my mind through doodles, photographs, writings, and much more. (Well maybe not much more because I think that's all I can do with an online medium...we will see)
  • Self Portrait once a month...yikes
  • Write something interesting, at least to me, once a day
  • Read at the very least 30 books
  • Minimal-ify...everything
  • Be in nature once a week
  • Drink more water...duh
  • really because quesadillas don't count. Cook through 1 cookbook!
  • Make time for's not a chore you actually love it
  • Get your arse back in the darkroom...Insert "Jesus Christ" kid with the dishwasher
  • Pick up and play an instrument you already own
  • Breathe. Slow Down
  • Take vitamins for goodness sake
  • #liveveryday
  • Do something you've never done
  • Run a half marathon (Ireland I'm coming for you)
  • Make a have the space ya nut
  • Interview someone that inspires you
  • Get another tattoo 
  • Welcome 30 with open arms
  • Be Kind
  • Put your gersh durn laundry away
  • Save money
  • See a Francesca Woodman photography and Rothko painting in person! 
  • Just BE.

What a list...good thing I have a year to do it!!!

Next...the "Year of Thirty" will be a daily post of whatever inspires me or what I want to share...some days it maybe be two words, other days it maybe be a body of work! Who knows really! It's going to be challenging for sure but I will have something really beautiful to look at on January 1, 2019. Why am I doing this you ask??? I have realized time has started to blur, my memory is horrific, and I don't document nearly enough. We ingest so much as a culture I have found I can't keep it all but still want to look back and be able to recall at least a feeling or some resemblance of time passing. So there you's gonna be an adventure.

Happy New Year!!!