Houseplant Theory

I am a houseplant. What does these mean you wonder? Why a houseplant? How did this come about?

I was sitting alone one afternoon thinking about why I don't mind sitting alone and my mind began to wander. I glanced over and looked at my lush green houseplant that I sometimes forget to water, mostly lives in the dark, but there it was happy and green and living its life despite it being ignored sometimes. When I bought said houseplant I wanted my room to feel home-ish and green. I wanted something pretty to look at but I also didn't want to take care of something like an orchid which requires way more attention, I mean I have a dog and a cat, I didn't need to add anything else to my plate. So houseplant shopping I went and bought my little beauty. Being almost 29 and single I hear from a lot of people, "Why are you single?" "If you went out you could find someone." etc. etc. Sitting there on that lovely afternoon blissfully alone staring at my houseplant I realized, "I am a houseplant." (Said like Cher when she discovers she loves josh.)

 Let me explain a little further...follow me down this rabbit hole.

Houseplant Theory Explained:

I am a houseplant. I don't require much to thrive. Feed me, water me, hug me, 1 to 3  a month and I am good and happy. I prefer staying indoors but also can thrive outdoors. I'm ok if you leave me alone for sometime but make sure to check in occasionally. I enjoy making places feel like home and actually living in them. I start to show signs of stress when over watered. I can grow as tall as allowed and I enjoy simplicity. 

You get where I am going with this. I am a low maintenance girl that doesn't require much to really thrive in this world. I'm not saying that I require no one, even a cactus requires love, but I am saying I am not an orchid where you glance at it wrong and it dies. 

So there you have it, Houseplant Theory, isn't it exciting and riveting...I know! If you aren't a houseplant get it guurlll (boy/girl) you aren't alone in this Orchid world. But if Houseplant Theory speaks to you know that you are not alone! We are all in our own spaces cheering for you. Tell me which plant you associate with the most or one you love that isn't pictured! 


Your Houseplant Friend.