Getting Negative, the Unfiltered Life

35 mm negative to be exact. Hello again…it’s been a while. Life. Am I right? Moving forward.

Before I get into the graininess of my love/hate with 35mm photography (there’s a pun in there) I want to talk a little about my photo history and snobbiness. In school I only shot 120 and above. What does that mean to my non photo people?? It means large negatives that gives detail that will make one weep. I rarely (that’s being generous) shot with 35mm film. It wasn’t pure. It is grainy. You have too many pictures to shoot for one roll of film, I was use to 12 images a roll versus 24, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Flash forward to now…zoom. Having been out of school with little access to a darkroom and the classroom atmosphere for creating I stepped away from film. I got a digital camera (yuck) and tried to make myself a digital photographer. It didn’t work out to great. I felt detached from what I was taking. There was too much room to take 500 shots and only like one. I got lazy with my skill. I would say things like, “I can always fix it in photoshop.” Now, I still stuck to my roots and did very little editing but it just wasn’t filling my soul. So I stopped. Let’s talk about how depressing that is for a second…something that brings me the most joy (besides Temp) I stopped doing. I gave up. Then I bought a 35mm camera. I put some film in it and put it in my bag and said, “Take pictures when you want, no pressure, you won’t see them unless you get them developed, you’re good.” So I did. I took pictures. Months went by and the other day I finally decided to take it in and get it developed. Well. Tears. I reintroduced myself to 35mm film and saw the rawness I’ve been desiring, the complete lack of control of the image and what I would get. It was liberating. The camera I used wasn’t great. Auto focus is the enemy. With that being said these images brightened my soul. They awoke the sleeping beast that is my photographer soul. The dream is still alive which gives me hope. No they aren’t crisp perfect images but they are powerful and real. Please enjoy them. I do. Don’t forget who you are and what brings you purpose.