Bag(gu) Lady

Whoa! It's been a obviously the first post back should be something deep and profound right?? I'm going to say a big WRONG! Get ready, buckle your seat belts, this is going to be all guessed it...bags.

I love bags. Always have. Unfortunately for my bank account I always will. Thankfully with age and the way of the world talking minimalism and buying things that will last it has gotten me to a place where I have quality pieces I love. Yes they cost some money. Yes I watched them like a hawk for that steal so I could actually make the purchase and still eat for the week. Ok maybe one or two times I bit the bullet...but for most I did save and wait for those sweet yearly deals, thanks VereVerto you made the backpack of my dreams come true and finally realizing more is not better, quality is. Let the introductions begin!

Baggu...I'm Baggu for you!


A brand I truly stand behind in both quality and what they stand for.  Made in the USA Baggu started by creating their nylon shopping bag to carry with you always to help with all your shopping needs. I have a few of those bad in fact with President Obama's photo on it (I miss you.) But what really hooked me was their leather...I mean look at it. The clutches were the start for me. I couldn't afford the Leather Baggu at first but the clutches were a reasonable price that obviously made me go bananas or baggunas...I'm here all week. I have the Large Stash Pouch and the Medium Stash Pouch and I love them both. Then I said to myself, "Alright Colleen it's time to save up some money and get that Leather Baggu you've been wanting!" So I found it on Need Supply and they were offering a percentage off so I did it and I love it too this day. The brown leather is so luxurious and the design in glorious and simple. Well done Baggu...well done. 

To this day I look to this brand for inspiration and obviously new colors. 

Champagne wishes and Baggu dreams. 

J. Paige Co.

This woman is all talent. Making every piece she sells and the quality and design are to die for. 

Her skills are awe-inspiring and dreamy. 

My first purchase was the backpack (image two) because I loved the idea of the fold down with industrial clips.  The Margeaux Tote was next and thankfully for that one I got it when she was having a huge sale, otherwise I would still be drooling over it I I know I still would be. That bag has been my go to. It's been a gym bag, travel companion, work expert, and market hero. I love it. So much. It hurts to look at it sometimes. The most recent purchase was the first image and it has been my go to when wanting something on the smaller side to throw across my body and go. 

Check her seriously...she's amazing and super wonderful! 

Her leather is perfect. Her designs are unique. Her product is drool worthy. 

Last but certainly not least...VereVerto

To quote them directly, "DESIGN THAT TAKES YOU ANYWHERE. Clean, utilitarian, and simple—every bag is meant to complement your sartorial needs all day long. Your bag will take you from a client meeting to a casual lunch to drinks after work."

Boy do they mean it. I had been lusting after anything this brand created when I saw it in the window at one of my favorite boutiques, Avenue Boutique, and knew that one day I would own some VereVerto if I had to sell my blood to get it. Yes that's dramatic but if you aren't getting the overall feel of this post...I LOVE BAGS. 

I had saved up enough money and was in the market for a new wallet and knew this was it. This was my time. There was a deep forest green wallet that could also be worn as a belt and I needed it. 

After that purchase I figured that was it because VereVerto is really out of my price range...on a good day. And then a miracle happened...let me paint you the picture.

It was cool crisp morning around Christmas bed was more appealing than going for a run and my laptop was purring on my lap. I decided to just look on the VereVerto site to see what was there and then a Christmas miracle happened...the bag...the Mini Macta Backpack was ON a big HUGE!!! I almost spat my coffee everywhere...and that's the love story. It was fate....I mean look at her...she's a beaut. 

Are these the only brands I have you ask? Ceci would appreciate it I'm sure if that was the case but no these are not the only ones. Some honorable mentions go to Madewell and their Transporter Tote and Atlas Supply Co. for their backpack (to be fair I haven't had the chance to use the backpack I come Portland.)

If you are not a bag person boy am I sorry but thank you for making it all the way to the end...and if you are a bag person again I am sorry because you will want to buy these bags. 

Hi Mom. 

Be kind!