A Desert Dwellers Guide

Having lived in the desert for most of my 29 years I know a thing or two about surviving a summer in Tucson because let's face it...you have to know how if you don't want to go mad. I was daydreaming about what would make the perfect desert summer day possible...and I came up with this: 

Summer Essentials


These items are far from necessary but they make me swoon and, I believe, would make me feel so cute I wouldn't care about the 107 degree temp. 

A Desert Dwellers Items for Surviving a Tucson Summer Day:

  1. The Lincoln Dress - Christy Dawn (psst there is a nice $30 dollars off). This brand is perfection from  sustainability to comfort and lifestyle. Such a dream! 
  2. Turquoise Jewelry - I have some vintage stuff (thanks Mom) but here are some places I often drool over - Chad Barela , Child of Wild , Imogene + Willie 
  3. Soothing Face Mist - Glossier (20% off your first purchase) a necessity to stay hydrated in the desert heat! 
  4. The Alma - Tio y Tia a fan is incredibly old school but you won't regret it. Especially this one!
  5. Balm Dotcom - Glossier your lips will love you.
  6. A good journal to doodle, write, dream, sweat on...etc. 
  7. AIKO basic Slides - St. Agni one day I will own these!!! 
  8. Wrap Hustler Clutch - Hustle & Hide Co. this little dream holds all the essentials!
  9. Pizza. Obviously.
  10. Apricot La Croix. I mean. Come on. 
  11. Mini Macta - Vere Verto they just released a canvas version!! 
  12. Pueblo Vida Beer. My favorite spot in Tucson besides my home. 
  13. Everyday Sheer Coverage 20spf - True Botanicals more on this brand a little later. I'm in love. 
  14. The Paloma - Tio y Tia another one I WILL own one day. 

So there you have it folks... my wishlist of items to survive a day in the desert heat and look adorable! Some of these items I do have some I drool over daily. All the brands are really great so check them out and let me know what is in your summer essentials survival guide!

Wear Sunscreen 


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