Dawn of a New Age

Everything has a story be it one that is created for it or told by it, everything has one. I recently purchased a Christy Dawn dress and had no idea of the emotional response I would have. I found Christy Dawn through the STREICHER SISTERS almost 6 months ago and have been in love ever since. The imagery she creates on her Instagram feed is phenomenal and only she can say it best so make sure to check out her site and read "A Note from Christy" you won't be disappointed. 

I wanted to share my story that I have created about my dress. I purchased the "Dawn Dress" and am completely in love. 

Let us begin...

A soft breeze and the sounds of birds singing and wind rustling the leaves comes through the slightly opened window. A soft sunbeam on the comforter. Early morning coffee in my dress, barefoot, while I make pancakes. Is it a Sunday or a Wednesday? I don't know and it doesn't bother me anyway because it's a new day. Maybe some writing or reading with music playing in the background filling the house. I grab my 35mm camera, hat, slides, and Temp to head out for a walk and take some photos to later develop and print. Mid day heat keeps me on my porch while I watch the world go by and daydream for a bit. Wander through my house with my hard wood floors, filled with books, and breathe deep. Evening breeze cools the house while I prepare for a small dinner party filled with laughter, wine, and cheese. After everyone leaves I hang my dress and hat, and settle in my big leather chair and a good book until my eyelids are heavy and ready to sleep. Then repeat. 

This story came from one dress...can you believe my imagination. One day I will have this but until then I have the dress that started it all. 

Christy Dawn

Thank you for reading and thank you Christy for your creations. 

I would love to hear your stories and if you would like a dress click on "The Dress" to get $30 off...it's worth it believe me. Comment below with your perfect day!